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25-40KM/H Top speed
75KM-100KM Range
Features Key Features
Mario Bird-R series e-bikes come standard with Bafang 48V 250W hub motor, full suspension design, rear shock can bear 1000LBS, 48V 15AH / 20AH LG cells KingKong battery for choose.
48V 250W Motor
48V 15A Battery
25KM/H motor wheel
75KM-100KM Range
Mario FAT34-HLO Suspension Fork
KKE Rear Shock
110kg Max Load

Motor Advantages

BaFang Brand Hub Motor

48V 250W / 48V 750W;
Low noise;
Powerful support;High performance;

Battery Advantage

48V 15AH/20AH LG Cells KingKong Battery

Removable & Rechargeable;
Long lifespan;


HY-B02U IPS Display

Multiple languages are available; Display (headlight, average speed, and single mileage);Indicator (navigation function, maintenance tips, Bluetooth function);

Frame: Bird-R
Motor: 48V 250W Bafang Hub Motor
Battery: 48V 15A KingKong Battery (21700 LG Cells)
Display: HY-B02U IPS Display
Gears: Shimano ASLM315R7C 7 Speed
PAS: Torque Sensor
Brakes: Mario E550 Hydraulic brakes with 4-piston
Front fork: Mario FAT34-HLO Suspension Fork
Tires: Innova tires
Max load: 110KG
Top Speed: 25KM/H
Top Range: 75KM—100KM

Does the temperature affect my Mario e-bike battery?

Yes! And no matter how hot or cold it is, we always recommend unplugging your bike from the power outlet once it is fully charged. And if you want to store your bike for a longer time, ensure the battery level is around 40-60%. this way will keep the performance of your battery up to standard.


Does your bike come with a throttle?

All of our Mario e-bikes come with a throttle as a standard feature, if you don’t need it, please let me know when you place the order, thank you in advance.


Do I need a large battery pack?

The size of the battery pack you should purchase depends on how far you intend on traveling. We have found that many first-time e-bike buyers purchase the small ones but will return to buy the larger ones. So, it is better to buy the large one within your budget than to worry about whether or not you will reach your destination.

Bicycle Accessories

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Mario Suspension Front Fork I

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Mario E550 (4-Piston)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Trevor George (in Bristol, UK)
The Mario Bird is the best eBike I have ridden in 20 years of eBike riding.

I've been riding and testing eBikes since 2003 when they had heavy lead-acid batteries to power them. The Mario Bird is just so good to ride, and although it's not a true 'Mountain Bike' it still gives a very good ride on MTB trails with it's excellent suspension, and nice power-delivery. It's also great as a Commuter or a Shopper eBike, as I sometimes tow a trailer behind. Please join the group of "Bird lovers" in this Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/mariobird

Robert J Eyler
Excellent electric bicycle

I love the bike! I wish it had more attachment options (bolt holes) for racks/pegs and other accessories. Only had the bike a week but the build quality and parts seem great.